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Hi guys!

I am Memy K Ios and consider my self a photographer of the amateur kind. Born and raised in Germany and currently spending my time between Austria and Greece. However, the world is my home.

There are many things I love and cherish. But horses, are my big love. Especially, endurance horses. Strength, willingness, pure power, stamina, grace, are some of the characteristics or qualities - you name it - that make me focus on them. But, not just that.

I am the kind of photographer that is passionate about taking photographs on the spot, without the need of creating the right set, to do so. During an endurance competition and any other event for that matter, you need to be able to quickly capture the moment. A photograph, tells a story, smells, is noisy and full of emotions. Auto mode is not an option. Spending 50 hours after the event to retouch the photos, is not an option too.

Despite the fact, that I am a self-taught photographer, my approach towards photography is professional. I studied my theme and keep doing so, understand the uniqueness of it and spend time in understanding and handling each horse I am about to photograph, in order to be able to capture its spirit.

So, come with me on a journey through the equine world!


If you went through the galleries, you probably noticed that the images that depict certain people, come only with a Personal License. In case, you are interested in an Editorial or Commercial License, all you need to do, is hit "contact me" on the left of your screen.

And if you are kinda lost, due to the quantity of the photographs, just let me know what you are looking for. I'd gladly be of your assistance.

Photo-shoot Booking

Are horses your business?

Then, unique shots of the horses, the business and you, is what you need, to boost your business. Make your mark on social media, create amazing brochures, lift your site. 

Are you the proud owner of a unique horse?

Then, photographs that will reveal its character and spirit, is what you need. Share them with the world and give your memories life!

Again, hit "contact me" and throw me a message. I do travel. A lot :-)

Horsey Bank

I was taught, to always give back. Hence, 50% of all net earnings from the downloads, will be given either to individual athletes or teams, in order for them to be able to continue their equine dream.

Be part of it!

Global Endurance Family

I am also the publisher of Global Endurance Family. GEF is the No1 blog for endurance. Articles, news, exclusive content...etc. It's all there. Just hit the link.

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